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Agency Tartaun & Co (Taratun & Partners) – a team of professionals in promoting the client’s business on-line. We are proud of our strengths and do not give up on weaknesses – we solve any issues in the promotion of a site or application, and weaknesses make the result for the client only better!

We are decisive, think over every step forward and know what to do in a given situation. We never retreat, we are professionals in the online e-commerce promotion niche and this is our strong point!

Our goal is to create a leader in the niche, only Top and not lower! We do not deal with you and your competitor, that is, we do it only if it does not cause a conflict of interest!

We do not advertise ourselves, everything is only thanks to reviews and word of mouth in communication between clients.

I, Vitaly Taratun, are the founder of the studio, we have a lot to be proud of, the success of our clients is the best review for us! As a company owner, I am proud of the team’s achievements for our clients and their welfare. I do not build a business for the sake of profit, I make a profit primarily from the client’s success and therefore I participate as much as possible in the process of both SEO promotion and other marketing areas – the main thing for us is: < strong> the client should be happy .

We have both strengths and weaknesses – we do not hide our weak side because our minus is still a plus!

Strengths :

  • great experience and achievements;
  • real opportunities and knowledge;
  • a team of professional professionals;
  • the head of the company is also involved in all processes;
  • both complex and pointwise approach;
  • the client understands what we are doing and why;
  • ready to experiment.

Weaknesses :

  • we tell the client the truth, only the truth;
  • we only promote white topics;
  • your competitors hate us if you are our client;
  • are very demanding on the perfect execution of tasks from any side – we are a team of perfectionists.

Our philosophy is: reports are written when the client has no results, so we make the result so that the report is unnecessary!

First of all, we are a team of professional people, we do not advertise ourselves with loud phrases, our clients do it for us. The specialists are flexible in all directions, such as SEO promotion or consultations , and marketing , call – we will agree on the rules and results of our work for your business ! With us, you do not waste your time on useless promises, you have a clear result and a plan of action.

P.S. It will be useful to know : we DO NOT have a customer pipeline, we work with you only for the result!

Taratun End Company web studio team

Vitaliy Taratun   

Vitaliy Taratun