Advertising Yandex Direct

Настройка Яндекс Директ

Yandex Direct contextual advertising setup and maintenance

Studio Taratun & Co will set up relevant, targeted and fully working Yandex Direct ads according to all the rules and the best principles of conversion work. Specialists specialize in setting up both the Russian market and the CIS countries. In exceptional cases, we also set up advertising for Ukraine.

In some regions of the CIS, an alternative to Google AdWords advertising is advertising in the Yandex Direct search network. At Taratun & Co, you can order a free consultation regarding the profitability and expediency of creating and setting up advertising in a particular region.

Advertising in Yandex Direct is mainly suitable for such Russian megacities as: Moscow, St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg), Yekaterinburg, Rostov and other large and small cities. Since it is in the Russian Federation that the predominant part of the search is conducted by the Yandex search engine, a properly configured ad will show the result for this particular country.

We are also setting up Yandex Direct for the Ukraine region.

Please note that setting up advertising in Yandex Direct for megacities and any other cities is carried out within a radius, that is, covering exactly your target audience in a particular region of the city. We work very carefully and think over each step and finding exactly the target audience of the customer, when setting up the entire ad company.

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