Usability audit

Юзабилити аудит

Usability analysis of the site for errors in understanding the resource

Website usability analysis services at Taratun & amp; Co studio is a complex of works on studying and monitoring the performance of your resource by a team of professionals.

Usability audit, checking the convenience of your WEB resource, first of all, is the client’s approach to conversion on the site by identifying errors.

The main areas of analysis for errors in the operation of your web resource:

  • online shopping;
  • registration on the site;
  • opportunities to increase the time spent on the site, etc .;
  • analysis of conversion errors.

First of all, we create a portrait of your target audience – this allows us to conduct the audit as correctly as possible. The work consists in identifying, analyzing and identifying problem areas both by technical tools of metrics and by analyzing client behavior. Studio Taratun & amp; Co carries out a set of measures for modeling, developing hypotheses and identifying various situations that affect the operation of the WEB resource. In simple words, the team of the company analyzes the site first of all: depending on the goals of the customer, and secondly: following the topic of the resource to improve the site’s convenience for getting a conversion.

The client receives a full report of problem areas with a proposal for their solutions on the site’s audit results, according to its usability. We describe in detail the sequential steps and the smallest improvements to fix. The entire studio team participates in the analysis of the site to ensure the most representative opinion, and we also use modern metrics and analytical data obtained from your analytics tools.

When auditing site usability, a large pool of metrics is used, among which, first of all: Yandex Metrics, Google Analytics. With the help of analytics, we audit user movements on the site, both in order to increase conversion and for SEO promotion of your resource. We know that behavioral factors are important and therefore we do not overlook such an important factor as usability, as it affects your position as well.

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