SEO consulting

SEO консультации

SEO specialist consultation

A team of professionals will answer any technical and organizational question on SEO for a WEB site or application. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that all promotion consultations in Taratun & amp; Co studio are free *!

We also recommend that you pay attention to our glossary of terms , it will clarify some questions that may arise in the process of studying the services of our resource.

Our team knows the answers to all questions and will be helpful in promoting the product. It is also worth considering that we will be useful:

  • business owners on many issues of their site of any topic:
    • how to promote an online store, blog, portal and other types of sites of any niche.
    • we specialize more deeply in the promotion of such topics as: furniture and everyday life, design items and accessories, security systems, wristwatches (men’s and women’s accessories, jewelry, pharma (clinics and pharmacies), </ li>
    • how to promote RF (high frequency) competitive requests.
    • we will give instructions on technical optimization.
    • we will tell you how to carry out external website optimization – which links you need to buy.
    • we will explain what to do in a given situation.
  • those who are engaged in SEO promotion themselves and have encountered problems or do not know what to do;
  • we will help in promotion even to qualified external SEO specialists.

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