WEB-Analyst services

Настройка аналитики

Setting up Google Analytics & Yandex Metrika

Setting up analytics will be like a new discovery for you – since the Taratun & Co analyst will show the most complete information about your audience! We can do the incredible and will reveal everything to the smallest details.

Useful for:

For an online store owner – how a site visitor becomes a client.
For a blog or portal owner – how a visitor interacts with the site and what he is interested in.

Any Internet business owner has questions that he wants to get answers to and our goal is to help him with this.

  • e-commerce setup + tracking of all conversions, goals and events;
  • CRM integration;
  • quality of incoming traffic and its value;
  • understanding the client and his LTV ;
  • the real success of each source separately;
  • set filters for correct statistics;
  • help you find problem areas of the site;
  • full support for questions of interest.

Often we use the most common analysis systems – Google Analytics & amp; Yandex Metrica. It is Analytics Metrica that are free web services for understanding issues such as:

  • Is the site really making a profit?
  • Does the audience like the resource?
  • is the ad successful (for example: ADS ) or SEO for the site ?
  • What difficulties does the client encounter when visiting the site?
  • how does it interact and how often is it clicked on a particular area?
  • you will see all of the client’s paths through the site.

Let’s set up end-to-end Analytics for your online store.

Let’s audit Google Analytics

The analysis of your account includes:

  • Check no duplicate transactions;
  • Checking and fixing Bounce Rate issues;
  • Checking if there is “garbage” in traffic sources (payment systems);
  • We check and correct correctly configured user parameters (product categories, etc.);
  • Correctly set GA tag;
  • Correctly set GTM tag;
  • Correct dataLayer transfer;
  • Correctly configured e-commerce.
  • Correct work of E-commerce.
  • Setting up a personal account of the CallTracking system.