SERM services


Manage your reputation, improve reviews and ratings

SERM Services – managing the reputation of your business (company, product) on the Internet. The Taratun & amp; Co will first set up metrics to track your brand mentions and then optimize them.

  • we use modern analytics to identify brand mentions (goods, services, key queries, etc.);
  • set up tracking of interesting topics;
  • we will improve the mention and brand rating of the company to optimize customer loyalty on the Internet;
  • we write only high-quality content, reviews to improve the reputation in the eyes of potential buyers;
  • set up tracking of competitors and their strategies and mentions.

After setting up mention tracking, you get a complete list of mentions of your product on the Internet. Studio Taratun & amp; Co optimizes reviews and ratings of your store products on review sites and other resources like hotline, prom, google forums and others.

SERM Optimization Techniques for Your Business:

  1. finding and writing natural positive reviews about a product, service or company;
  2. reputation building in discussions where it is appropriate to mention your name;
  3. brand mention in the thematic niche;
  4. competitive tracking and strategy monitoring.

A team of studio specialists will improve the ratings of your product, service or brand.

You can get a more extended list of items on services in increasing your reputation by submitting a request to our mail. We work and carry out non-standard solutions that require a creative and non-original approach using only modern SEO optimization , advertising and copywriting . We will improve the SERM for you by any means within the framework of the law 🙂