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Audit of contextual advertising Google ADS (AdWords)

A team of specialists from the Taratun & Co studio will conduct a deep audit of Google ADS ads , a full check of the settings and obtained statistics, detailing to the client, etc. The specialist makes a full analysis of the settings, strategies and provides an optimization plan for advertising campaigns, makes a slice of the effectiveness of ads for all periods of the account’s existence. We’ll show you all the data on the success and failure of your ads on Google.

  • We will compile a complete list of errors, and most importantly, we will indicate recommendations for advertising optimization;
  • Conduct a niche analysis for a representative recommendation report;
  • We will write in detail all the information on each ad if necessary;
  • Let’s analyze the analytics for errors in the settings;
  • If necessary, we will conduct consultations, training of employees.

In turn, we recommend that you pay attention to the fact that we carry out the analysis very deeply. We look at and analyze each item, both category and product companies of your account when auditing ADS. Please note that we can conduct a selective audit of the settings: the account and its quality, certain ad groups, companies at the request of the customer.

When making a audit of ADS settings , we first of all look at gross errors and offer opportunities for their operational optimization. We can perform the optimal advertising setup or write out where it is worth making improvements for the current contractors. IMPORTANT: the team is not trying to draw up an audit in order to sell their services, we will first of all show our knowledge and professionalism in matters of Google advertising.

If you have doubts that your ad is working incorrectly or there are suspicions that the settings are correct, order a free audit . The staff and studio of Taratun & amp; Co are primarily a customer-oriented team and we will prove it to you precisely in the clearly completed tasks set out in the audit with subsequent recommendations for correction.

We will also make a free audit of advertising in Yandex Direct .

Why is it worth analyzing the work on your ADS account?

  • technologies and advertising sources do not stand still – we are always moving forward to be in trend;
  • updating demand and audience requests entails the need to optimize and update advertising campaigns;
  • conversion optimization using in-depth analysis of company settings;
  • increase the reach of conversion requests, their selection and deep clustering.

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