Before getting acquainted with the cost of the services of the Taratun & amp; Co team of specialists, I ask you to take into account the most important thing – we create market leaders on the Internet! We specialize mainly in promoting the e-commerce niche (online stores, etc.).

Prices of services for promotion and other services in our studio are discussed with each client separately:

Type of service Cost Timing Size
SEO audit (technical) from 5000 UAH. up to 4 weeks whole site
SEO consulting free under discussion under discussion
collecting search queries (semantics selection) from UAH 10,000 under discussion whole site
website promotion from 25 000 UAH per month whole site
audit analysis (usability) from 2 000 UAH up to 1 month whole site
configuring analytics 180 UAH / hour up to 3 days under discussion
website creation from 20 000 UAH. 1 to 6 months under discussion
ADS setting from 6 000 UAH / month from 3 weeks under discussion
ADS audit free up to 2 weeks under discussion
crowd marketing from 20 to 50 UAH. under discussion under discussion
programmer services from 550 UAH / hour under discussion under discussion
copywriting from 40 UAH under discussion for 1k characters
rewrite from UAH 20 under discussion for 1k characters

The list of prices in the table is the discussed values, since each client is an individuality, then we have an individual approach to each client, that is, client-oriented. Depending on the order of a complex of services, the cost of each is discussed separately!