E-MAIL marketing

Услуги E-Mail маркетинг

Configure Work E-Mail Automation

Professionals of Taratun & Co will set up a working email conversion channel. We know how to work with an audience in the mail so that this channel is profitable.

Mailing list is a powerful marketing tool that allows dates a good boost to your business, sales, recognition and just to warm up your audience.

We delve deeply into the essence of your Internet business in order to build effective schemes for e-mail.

The mail channel, if configured correctly, allows not only notifying users but also receiving feedback, this should also be taken into account. This channel, according to many versions of “experts” is considered ineffective – we dare to assure you and prove the opposite! As written above, we delve into the essence of your business (services) and create an opportunity to get profit from this channel. With the correct construction of processes, mailing will become the tool that, in the hands of a specialist, becomes a strong source of attracting customers and, accordingly, profit. Here you can order services for setting up this channel, we conduct a Free audit and, based on its results, make you an offer from which you cannot refuse!

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