SEO copywriting

Услуги копирайтинга

Text writing involving SEO copywriting

Order all kinds of text writing at Taratun & Co is profitable and affordable. The client receives full coverage of his resource topic and a remote staff of qualified specialists who delve into the topic.

A team of copywriters specializes and writes texts:

  • clear, simple seo texts for website optimization;
  • selling – conversion content;
  • engaging company description materials;
  • copywriting for business;
  • full subject matter description – products, categories, white papers, etc .

Pay attention also to the keywords – we will collect the most correct, large and correct semantics for the site !

Topics of texts in which we are most specialized in writing – thanks to experience:

  • furniture, accessories and all fittings related to it – overview materials, categories of goods, services;
  • musical instruments – accessories, products, categories, services, etc;
  • jewelry, types of services – recommendations, interpretation of terms, description of categories and goods;
  • security equipment and installation and repair services – expert opinion, recommendations, descriptions of categories and goods;
  • fashion and style – recommendations, articles, reviews, categories and products;
  • paintings and art objects – categories and products;
  • fashion style accessories – recommendations, reviews, categories and product descriptions;
  • construction services – articles, description of services;
  • medical services and pharmaceuticals – articles, communication with the audience, description of categories, description of products;
  • highly specialized advertising company;
  • texts for resources selling services – description of services, info pages;
  • flora and fauna – description of categories and products, articles.

The list of writing services is very long, therefore, only a short list of topics is provided above.

Texts for the site is not just a set of symbols, it is, first of all, a tool capable of bringing conversions and encouraging a client to take action. Our team of copywriters knows and understands the rules and methods of interacting with your target audience. Ordering a text writing service for a website is a necessary and the first decision in SEO website promotion .

IMPORTANT: We follow both the logical and the technical rules agreed upon before ordering the service. We understand and know what nausea is, uniqueness, how to properly use search queries and queries that interpret the topic!

How can we help you in your writing?

  • we write long and short materials of any subject and type;
  • we delve into the essence of the business and analyze the portrait of the target audience for writing conversion materials;
  • writing SEO materials;
  • active, optimizing previously written content ;
  • our materials are loved by Google and Yandex search engines.
  • writing natural feedback to improve serm for both internal services and external feedback .

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